Allow No Light Lyrics

Behold my master of atrocious damage to mankind,
Witness my fury, get into my mad, sickened mind.
Hold me in awe and kneel before my throne of evil sin,
Let me lure you, take a seat, and let the show begin.
I compel you, cease and end the cursedly white,
Find me in iniquity and dark, allow no light.
Sink into complete despair, I am your grief, I am your fright,
Leave your spirit, cast your tattered heart, allow no light.
Let no joyous sound ring through my perfect dark,
Embrace my torments, welcome lief your owner's mark.
Moaning cuts the silence, blood on trampled sand,
Give your faith forever to me, take my crippled hand.
Bear what you have come for, this was my invite,
Let the quiet rule in massive black, allow no light.
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