Boom Boom Lyrics

Musik und Text: Remmler/Kralle

The day begins the party ends
he hesitates a while
there is this kiss he would not miss
he does it with a smile
Boom Boom here they go again
Boom Boom
Boom Boom and my heart beats
Boom Boom

A helpful friend oh what a friend
I look at him with thanks
he reaches deep into his coat
what has he in his hands
Boom Boom

The doorbell goes and I don t know
who outside may be
a high heeled shoe a naked leg
does she come to me
b** b** immer wieder wieder
b** b**
b** b** und mein Herz klopft
b** b**

The satellite was out of sight
radioactive though
quite alright when it was high
but now it’s very low

Boom Boom
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