So Glad Lyrics

I want to jump - I'm so scared
I want to swim - don't want to get wet
How do I get to you- what do I have to do?
I want to pray - I need sleep
Don't want to sow, I just want to reap
I know what you're going to say: there's something in the way

Will it ever end, this war inside me?

I'm just so glad
That what I can't, you can
And where I end
That's where you begin
I'm just so glad...
I want to sing from my soul
I'm getting bored with rock 'n roll
All my childhood dreams, (nothing but) childish fantasies

Here I come - there I go
Maybe yes, possibly no
The Good Fight's a brawl - the winner gets it all
Bring it to an end, this war inside me

I'm just so glad...

Today hot, tomorrow cold
It's the oldest story that's ever been told...

One day you'll end this war inside me
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