Dr. Feel Good Lyrics

Its Travie! Bring the hook in.
Doctor won't you come and help me take this pain away, away, away.
Ohhh Doctor give me what I need to get me through the day, the day, the day.
I want that feel good (that feel good), that feel good (that feel good), that real good (that real good) yeahhh x2
Doctor feel good help meee.
Lately I been beside myself and its unlikely to hide myself
it's not like I like being by myself
I wanna see the world but cant decide myself
whether or not to get up off this couch
whether or not to get up out this house
I wanna know what it's like to feel real good
is there something you could prescribe doctor feel good
I mean he's so happy she's so free
doctor what in the world is wrong with me
I just need some reassurance
I know my carrier won't be insurreeness'
if you could just be ernest
oops I meant honest and make this promise
if any of this makes sense, let em'I know I wasn't crazy, just thoroughly convinced

She got a set of lips like a sedative
every time I kiss, it's like medicine
something's telling me nope, nope don't let her it
Cause every time I do, I end up upset again
and then it's back to the waitin' room
waitin' patiently for them to bring another patient to him
anything is possible especially when you see it in the hospital
I hope doctor feel good can fix me and help me find a piece of mind before fifty
[Mr. McCoy youre up next]
I made a detour quickly I tailed it to the exit door before they could get me
it didn't take much to lose 'em
but before I got home, I came to a conclusion
if feelin' good means another appointment take two of these
and don't expect to call in the morning Go!
(Chorus) x2
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