Inside Out Lyrics

Look out your window
That grass ain't green
It's kinda yellow
See what I mean?
Look up your chimney
The sky ain't blue
It's kinda yellow
You know it's true
It's so hard to figure what it's all about

When your outsides in (inside out)
And your downsides up (upside down)
Yeah, your upsides right (rightside up)
Yeah, don't it make you wanna twist & shout
When you're inside out
Look down your drain pipe
What color do you see?
It's got to be yellow
Don't try to fool me
And don't it make you wanna twist and shout


Be careful where you're walking
You might step in something rough
Be careful where you're talking
And saying all that stuff
Take care when you are breathing
Something's funny in the air
And somethings I'm not saying
Bout what's happening out there
It's inside out
Look into the future
With your mystic crystal ball
See if it ain't yellow
See if it's there at all
Ain't no shadow of doubt
Don't it make you wanna twist and shout

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