Message to Harry Manback Lyrics

Figlio di puttana, sai che tu sei un pezzo di merda?
Hm? You think you're cool, right? Hm? Hm?
When you kicked out people out of your house
I tell you this, one of three Americans die of cancer,
you know? a******. You're gonna be one of those.
I don't have the courage
to kick your a** directly.
Don't have enough courage for that,
I could, you know.
You know you're gonna have another accident?
You know I'm involved with black magic?
f*** you. Die. b******.
You think you're so cool, hm? a******.
And if I ever see your f****** face around,
In Europe or Italy,
Well I'll -- That time I'm gonna kick your a**.
f*** you. f****** Americans, Yankee.
You're gonna die outta cancer, I promise.
Bang bang, Deep pain
No one does what you did to me.
You wanna know something? f*** you.
I want your b**** smashed, eat s***. b******.
Pezzo di merda, figlio di puttana.
I hope somebody in your family dies soon.
Crepa, pezzo di merda, e vai
a sucare cazzi su un aereo!
(1) Son of a b****, do you know you are a piece of s***?
(2) Piece of s***, son of a b****.
(3) Die, piece of s***, and go suck d***s on a plane!
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