How Much You Mean to Me Lyrics

Girl you say,
sometimes I'm so far away.
There's a reason why,
It seems that way.
The picture that I see, of you and me
It's larger than this life,
sweeter than our strife, this you'll see
You've given me, so much,
and its enough, for two
Eternity, is on my mind,
know this, is so true
You fill all my senses,
without any defenses
I feel so loved, yet I feel so free,
I found me

If I can't say in words.
Than I'll say it in my song
But u really have to know.
How much you mean to me
Cause I never mean to hurt.
I could never do you wrong
But you really have to know.
How much you mean to me

Girl you bring the best,
the rest we'll find in time
When I say I am yours,
it isn't just a line
With you baby,
I can do it all.
I am just so sure,
That you'll be there, I found you
I like to fill you up with love.
To make you feel the way I do
Sometimes I see it coming true.
Can we keep this love, forever new

~Fitria KonZ~
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