Get Out Now Lyrics

Heartbreak, baby. Heartbreak, baby.

I can see the heartbreak that he puts you through
And I've seen enough to know he's not in love with you.
And I understand your feelings, girl, I really do.
Baby, I've been through it, go ahead and do it, baby.
Get out, get out, get out now. Get out, he doesn't love you baby.
Get out, get out, get out now. Get out, my love is more than maybe.
Can't you see your future, girl, is lookin' dim,
'Cause he don't need the love that you're givin' him,
And I'm only cryin' tears, the deeper you get in?
Girl, you never tell him. Tell him that you're through and baby,
repeat chorus

Girl, it's gettin' late, you go no time to wait,
And if you hesitate, I know that you'll be sorry.

It's time to
repeat chorus until fade out
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