Jealousy Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yesterday was awful, you know what I mean
Yesterday was awkward, you could probably see
I didn't mean to hold you, or gain your sympathy
That's my jea-, my jealousy
[Verse 2]
Yesterday I was stupid and I shouldn't have been
Cause yesterday you loved me and I didn't see
All this time you had, put up with me
My jea-, my jealousy
Cause I never believed from the day that I met you
A loser like me could ever get you
When we go out I hear people saying, "what's that beautiful girl doing with him"
I'm sorry that I'm sometimes so insecure, with every day
I grow a little more sure of your love

[Verse 3]
But yesterday my worries got the best of me
Well, yesterday I'm sorry that I didn't see
I think you'll go you know, oh eventually
My jea-, my jealousy
My jea-, my jealousy
Never let me go
I said never let me go
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