Weakness Lyrics

I don't keep a lot of secrets
But the ones I do will die with me
It's not because I'm hiding something
A trusted friend I try to be
But when every adversary lies in wait to test me
My world they would undo
And they'd break me down to nothing if they only knew
That you are my weakness, my weakness
You're my Achilles' Heel
The flame that melts the steel in my heart
I don't pretend to be objective
I will always come down on your side
But every time I see or hear or smell you
My bias grows more hard to hide
And when the truth must be protected
I find myself distracted
My duty I abuse
And in the battle's clamor
The flaw within my armor
Might shake the secret loose
There's no ties
As far as anybody knows, no surprise
As far as anybody knows, you and I
As far as anybody knows, have no ties
And as far as they know, my will is bulletproof
And I'd be no good to no one
If they knew the truth
That you are my weakness, my weakness
You are my Kryptonite
The sun that shines a light on my soul
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