film A moment Lyrics

If I could only feel you once more
I would love the red of this undone dream

Reflected in the mirror
You become my longings
The red that I love
Dry fingers shifted the focus of my drenched memories

I became like time
No longer seen by anyone
I became like time
Unending until everything is gone

Too many undelivered heartbeats were longed for
Time has stopped

I hold the world in my hands
Film a moment

There is too much to carry within my small self
I only wished to see those spilled images
Recalled from that voice which became transparent
The fleeting images I hold in my hand repeat again and again
The you that I long for isn't there
Perhaps there are no such miracles
Film a moment
Fill the moment
Kill the moment

The world I hold in my hands is expressionless and silent
I want to see what lies beyond
Could I kill the future?
A finger, a dimly lit ghost of what's left of you, turning red
If only I could steal the future you have filmed
Gently the secret signal floats away
You are laughing

Without emotion, blatant fiction
If only the future could be stolen

Memories are shining through, we met in a dream
Shining through, we met in a dream

And so, I wrote my name

I have become like time, will someone restore me?
Is that what I want?
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