Spinning in Daffodils Lyrics

Out in the rain
I was able to strangle my shadow,
Then unshackle the chains.
What will you do?
Is it safe to play god in the garden and king of the zoo?
Well they need to be filled.
Positions available,
Yet some are quite hard to get out of or get in.

Spinning in the daffodils.
Dizzy from a dozen twirls.

Alone and alive.
You're afraid, But that's not what I asked,
Wanna go for a ride?
Sharpen your teeth my darlings,
Sharpen your minds.
Take a finger, if the hand feeds you s***,
Take one scalp at a time.
As big as a whale.
Like a canine that's chasing a bone
That's tied to his tail.

I wish I was a beautiful balloon.
I would rise up
Above of it all,
& fade out of view.
Gracefully out of view.
What have you turned me into?
What have you gone
And done
My love?
Incinerated in the morning sun.

Am so high
I just
Never come down.
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