Xenith Lyrics

We are above and beyond the mental capacity of the customary comprehension of the spiritual dimension Shifts in planetary gravity Earthly fractures integrity compromising existence continuity

We are nothing in the grand table of time Just a mere link in the evolutionary chain
Transcend the dimensional pathways to unlock the inner workings of the psyche
I am the inner womb of the cosmos and the death of the stars. I am the enigmatic form
Reborn into purity, bionic plasma coated with membranes of the ancient ones

I am omnipotent and I am omnipresent Reconfigured, manufactured, design perfected.
My empowerment will echo
I am wool pulled over your eyes; I am the black sheep of your flock. Cast into the firmament. Cast into the spiraling stars I am the eternal, I am the everlasting I have reached a new plane of existence

Breathe life into this new canvas you call your flesh
Reassemble aortic fractures
Rings of life orbiting around your soulless cortex
Restore your faith in me, for I am the giver of life

I am the eternal, I am the everlasting Cower before me for I am your god
The path to enlightenment is through divinity creating your race through infused replicative DNA
When the stars collide and the galaxies shake you are born through the epochs of time I am above and beyond the supreme end I am precise Zenith
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