Simulated Reality Lyrics

Ancient ponderings and comprehension of a defined existence
Leading into quantum chromodynamical Technologies
Colossal instruments calculating every conclusion
Throughout the ages of perception, human inability to interpret the
origins of the universes
Fabricated blueprints of creation effortlessly spawning with limitless
Capable of infinite growth

Intricate wires seeping through
the flesh of the surreal,
connected into binary
Deleting, force feeding
Simulated Reality for an eternity
Creation composed of immense knowledge
Piloting the way to universal constructs
Furthering advancement of the simulation

Expansion in comprehension through time
The self-realization becoming more perceptible
Acceptance of a fabricated entity
Digital veil is dissipated
Humanity mechanically propagated
Existentially computer generated

Arterial apparatuses becoming enshrouded
With waking eyes mankind sees its genuine blank vastness
Fictitious existence concluding nonexistence
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