Kaleidoscopic Tendencies Lyrics

Deconstruct the fabrication of the hypothalamus
The magnitude of the pulsing nerves
drifting into unconsciousness, this dream state has become reality
Binary codes imprinted on our retinas achieving our enormity with minimal capacity, Mechanized with a fraction of our supremacy
A new dawn awaits, a world where we have reached our Ultimate capacity
Monotony prevent intellectual temporal faculty
Transcend the prison of flesh, unfold your suppressed cerebral coil
Alchemy and binary, absolute sovereignty
Mastering the capabilities, harnessing entire endless power
construct rebuild
Understand the ancient mythology
Kaleidoscopic tendencies

While progressive generations can define chronology

Endless masses of information channeled through the cerebral cortex emitted to manipulate
your majesty lies dormant awaiting to be unleashed
cracks in your clarity convert your thoughts into absolute energy

The dream state is slowly fitting reality, inducing, reducing humanic mortality
Futuristic machines, meticulously crafting the demise of our extinctive, obsolete species

Our brains will demolish
The organic, conscious life forms devolve
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