4:55 (Part of the Game) Lyrics

Yes I saw you at the station
Long distance smiles
You were leaving for the weekend
Catching the four fifty-five
With your new friend for the season
Another sad-eyed clown
Helping to the seeing that your fantasies go down

And I have to wonder to myself
Why you have to go so far
Drifting with life's daydreams
Trying to play the star
I still remember when you said
"Baby, now let's get away"
And I followed you like a schoolboy
I guess that's part of the game
Now you call me say you're sorry
Give me long distance love
You say you'd like to see me
Maybe just for a while

And you'd meet me at the station
There on platform nine
And we'd leave for the weekend
Riding the four fifty-five
But I've played this scene too many times
To ever feel the part again
I don't really want to fake it
I already know the end
So bye bye, Cin-Cinderella
Everything just has to change
And the midnight blues are calling
I guess that's part of the game
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