Cardinals Lyrics

Cardinal crashed into my window;
I think he might die.
I'll plan him a funeral.
I'll read his last rites because I know what he saw.
In that reflection of light on the glass was a better life.
Staring at a hole in your chest that's been dug there for decades: American broken promises.

Caught between the lies you've been fed and a war with your bloodstream.
I should have been there when you needed a friend.
I was off on my own again,
selfish and stupid.
If you call me back or let me in,
I swear, I'll never let you down again.
I know the devil you've been fighting with.
I swear I'll never let you down again.

I had that nightmare again; you're seven and helpless, angry as hell and you balled up your fists but
I laughed at your swings and I beat you half-conscious.
I know that I failed you. Woke up in a sweat. I want those years back.
We're no saviors if we can't save our brothers.
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