This Year Lyrics

Another year older, it came and went
Blood and the tears and the money spent
The new year's here with the same old cast
We dance and we drink like it may be our last
Buzzin' waitin' for the countdown to come
Feels like slow motion from ten to one
A kiss and the fireworks light the sky
Falling apart over Auld Lang Syne
Let's focus on this night alone
Just hope that we'd make it home alive

The Earth it turns, spring rushes in
Days get longer and nights go thin
Mother wakes up a little brighter than before
Cold melts away and the gardens grow
The air is crisp and fields are sweet
Grass and the daffodils tickling our feet
Flowers they bloom and the birds they sing
Fill up the day with the songs they bring
And I don't feel much like singing at all
Seasons change but I don't change at all

Well I've done wrong, well I've done right, that's clear
Maybe I'll get better, maybe I'll be different, this year

Ooh, here comes summer, well it's comin' in hot
No shirt, no school, give it all you got
The sun, it calls so let's go outside
Toastin' our drinks in the warm sunshine
The asphalt smoulders in the city streets
You better run fast or you're gonna burn your feet
Splashin' and yellin' the cannonball
Enough love and laughter for one and all
Oh the future's, future's looking bright
I think that I might get it right after all
Moody autumn blows in off a summer wind
Leaves fall off of the trees, never see them again
Like embers they float into the streets
Golden and red [?]
Well it's close of the curtains, let's stay inside
No flower, no fruit and the lawns all die
Well how could it all fall apart so fast
And why would I think it would ever last?
When everything is dying, well, how can I feel alive?
Oh, life is short, well all good days disappear
Maybe I've been lost, maybe I'll get found, this year

Well the winter and the cold come storming in
Kicks down the door and your blood runs thin
Day's too short and the night's too long
Carolers came, I can't sing along
Oh money's all gone, don't know where it went
Christmas ain't easy when you can't pay the rent
And the lights go out to a silent night
And all you can do is just stay in the fight
And I just can't see the wrong, and I just can't see the right

Oh, life is hard, I've been fighting, a failure [?]
Maybe I've been lost, don't think I'll get found, this year

Well I've done wrong, well I've done right, that's clear
But maybe I'll get better, maybe I'll be different, next year
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