Modern Times Lyrics

I don't know what age it is
Better hole up inside
I don't belong
In these modern times
Escape the past
Dream of another
Call all the guards
Looks like we got a runner
Kick off the dogs
Corporate invasion
You can't gentrify the soul of a nation
And I swear the buildings
Moved to me overnight
I don't belong
In these modern times
Can't find the lord
He's shaking hands with big brother
Can't hide forever in the womb of your mother
All aboard
It's a permanent vacation
Bathe in the water of your mind's mutilation
And I swear the buildings
Move to me overnight
I'm holding on to days gone by
Gone by
I don't belong
In the modern time
The oaks and the sage in the fields of gold
Birds and bees ain't never been told
The end is near as the morning light
In the maze in the mold I can't see the light
It fades like the days and the fire in my eyes
Destiny laughs in the face of denial
As the world spins by
In the modern time
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