Talk About Two Lyrics

Hopeless dreams
No such thing
It doesn't cost much
No it doesn't cost a thing
To float down the river together
Heaviness can weigh you down
Never say never
We'll never drown
Burst at the dreams
Kiss like a bee sting
Heart shaped tattoo
Hidden under a ring
Remember when we were so pasty faced
Hot on the heels of the human race
One and together we'll never say never
Let's all get out of this place
Hold on darling
Hold on darling

Endless days roll by me
The sun swaggers by
Into the sea
Remember the time when the heavens
The heavens came crashing down
Never say never we're one and together not tired of this running around
Hold on darling
Hold on darling

Laugh at things no one else finds funny
Things we pluck out of thin air
Try not to sing and let's talk about the thing
That make them bells ring everywhere

Hold on darling
Hold on darling
Hold on darling
Hold on darling
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