Isolated Case Lyrics

So humane and so incredibly

Well preserved for a moment such as this
In his eyes ten thousand enemies

In his head one pocket for a kiss

All the animals hunting everything for something more or less

Lock all your animals in cages

Hide your weaknesses forget your fears

Live by the laws you made for your safety

Safe behind the walls you thought would last for years

He’s just an isolated case
Johnny jumps and Johnny comes clean

Wise men and animals live by their instincts

Their motive fighting’s their will to win

Wise man never loved doesn’t need the complication

Passion brings no fascination

Doesn’t like to think
Animal feelings need no hidden meanings

I’d love to have lied

But I couldn’t so I cried

I’m not a messiah, I can’t move a mountain

I’m not superman, I can’t save the world

I’m sick of following, I’m sick of leaders

Nothing seems to help

But somethings got to have to
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