Inherit the Earth Lyrics

Go, all wrong

You can breathe... (breathe now)
You can breathe but the air is running out
We lost all hope (lost all hope)
In the church of our doom
And suffer through
The funeral of our world
We breed germs in vials with the means to kill continents
In chemical warfare
We design bombs, which can knock the earth from its path
It's path around the sun

The prince is never going to make his way
Sleeping beauty is already dead
Still the worst is yet to come
Pray to whatever god you believe in
We will need all the help we can get
Let me place my hand on your heart (your heart, your heart, your heart)
Or at least point out where it should have been

Every brick you see in this world
Is there because we put it there
Now we just seek to destroy
Everything that we created
You don't inherit the earth from your parents, you just borrow it
Borrow it from your children
Now ask yourself who pulls the strings of your life
And cut them one by one

Grow a new one
Grow a new one
Grow a new one
Grow a new heart
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