Enforce Lyrics

For years I was patient
Longing for the day
When all the pain inside of me
Was helpful again
If you would have ended me now
You would have jailed me in my nightmare
Alone, I will slit my way to hell
Through an infinity of celestial clouds

My dreams were never broken
They were stolen from me
And love was just a word
Without context or meaning at all

We are unwelcome guests
In an upside down world
But like the jolt of a million lions
We'll force harmony here
Don't think you'll make it through my chest
You barely made it through the day
But if you eventually do
You'll submerge in the venom of my heart

You walked the seven continents
Just to chase me down
But I'd stay awake for a lifetime
To evade your fruitless pursuit
The paradise wildfire
Will lay waste to your mind
But do you have the courage
To let go of a diminished life?

I care for nothing
Cause it's always all about me
Don't want to preach for the
Ones already converted

Instead I open my eyes
Alone I am strong
And with the shroud of blackness
I will master temporal obstructions
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Fragile Immortality (2014)