The Story of Rock & Roll Lyrics

Well, it started out way down south
Took a left & headed on out
It was movin' 'long very slowly
'Cause it was travelin' by word of mouth
Made a short stop in New Orleans
Then it headed for the New York scene
& the people there, they dug on air
'Cause they found out just what it means, yeah to have...
Rock & roll music, sweet groovy music
Well, it's the only kind of music
That reaches right to your soul
Here come a guitar-pickin' fella
& he took them by the hand
He said "Now, listen to me, everybody
I got a message that you gotta understand"
& then he took that brand-new music
& he let it cross the U.S. of A.
& now some folks laughed when they heard that sound
But it looks like it's here to stay, & they call it rock

Rock & roll music (x3)
Talkin' 'bout rock & roll, I like rock & roll, yeah
Long live rock & roll, yeah, talkin' 'bout rock & roll
Rock & roll, sweet groovy music
...& fade
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