Food Lyrics

Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, spaghetti, rice,
French fried potatoes and gulash. (Ooooh.)
Eggs over easy, asparagus spears,
Hot dogs and baked beans and sauerkraut.
Black-bottomed mushrooms and chicken pot pie,
Pink lemonade on the fourth of July.
[Sounds of firecrackers popping.]

[Pitch pipe sounds a note.]

(But there's one thing that we'd,)
(Gladly doff our shells for,)
(So we present our recipe,)
(And wish you well, for...)

(...we'll take,)
Two thirds cups of flour,
A teaspoon full of salt,
A quarter pound of b***er,
Add an egg and blend it out.
Two squares of dark chocolate,
Walnuts, pot and sugar,
A teaspoon of bakin' powder,
Thirty minutes in the heat and it's over.

Tea biscuits, tomato soup, ham on rye.
Hot apple, pineapple sundae. (Hoooo!)
Honeydew, artichoke, hearts of lettuce,
b***ered bagels and lox, cream cheese, rhubarb. (Hoooo!)
Peanut b***er sandwiches, English m***ins.
k**quats, berries, fish, steak and grapefruit.
?? ??? ??? ??? grits, parsnips,
??? marmalade, shishkebab, turtle soup. 5

[Sound of a bottle top being popped and effervescence.]

Well, those brownies ought to be just about ready now.
Why don't we go have one? Hmmmmm? I mean, really...
[More effervescence to fade.]
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