Back to Where We Started Lyrics

Where is the fire, I'm feeling so cold
My heart is frozen, my body is sold
What binds us together, will tear us apart
I feel the pain of a broken heart
I was making my plans, I thought it was good
I was doing my best, the best that I could
Fighting the battle I have to fight
This is my war against the darkest night

Back to where we started
Now that I know, it's better to give
Please change my life, the way that I live
I need You now, more than before
You're the one, who's worth to adore

I want to hold on, to the promise you gave
When You hold my hand I will be safe
You set me on fire, this love is so real
You know my heart, You know how I feel
Back to where we started

I will return to the place where it all has begun
I'm going back to the place where I belong
Touch me, love me, heal me, save me
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