Long Time Comin' Lyrics

It's been a long time comin' that's a fact
No money in my jeans no shirt on my back
What can I do what can I say?
I'd get a job but there's no way
I gotta get somethin' that's gonna see me through
I'll get a rich rich mama to make my dreams come true
It were a long time comin' 'till I knew where I was
I had everything from diamonds to cars
I was her only love I could have it all
Hundred dollar bill everytime I called
She'd always say hey honey I'll look after you yeah
But with a rich rich mama you gotta f*** or two
She was a long time comin'
I don't mind if she likes it that way
Every night every day oh yeah
In her little old way she likes it
You love it

She was a long time' comin' every time we played
Finish the job boy or you don't get paid
Kinda strange sick in some way
Let me tell ya boy this is what I say
Any old time is a good time for fun
But with a rich rich mama you get the money and run.
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