Spirit of the Cat Lyrics

used to hang around with a gang of cats
We'd ride around late at night and chase down all the rats
There was so many of us, nothing they could do
We took over their parties and we stole their girlfriends too
Well now I'm older and those cats are wearing suits
They gave away their creepers and the sold their combat boots
They live out in the suburbs where they're all just getting fat

The spirit of the cat
The spirit of the cat
Well let me tell you about the spirit of the cat
Don't matter how old you are
Don't matter where you're at
Don't matter how big your quiff is or how big it used to be
The spirit of the cat is something deep you cannot see

So now you're older and you gotta wear a suit
You gave away your creepers and you sold your combat boots
You live out in the suburbs where you're all just getting fat
The spirit of the cat
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