Female Robbery Lyrics

I think I found hell,
I think I found something.
I think I found something in my tv screen.
I think I found out
That I have nothing,
That I have nothing in this place for me.

I watched it all in my head. Perfect scene.
Don't take me from my bed.
Leave everything that is worth a single step
And just take me instead.
The TV show i saw as i fell asleep.
help me im on my knees. ???????? send me a vallet
and dont let the police.

Ref: No, anything . dont tell them anything please. Anything anything dont tell them anything please. oooh.

I think i can tell . i think i can tell them. tell them they were made for me. i think they dont know. know it already. im thinking dont know just about everything. i bet they played it all out like the shows when everywhere i go walk in the store right behind me ????? right beside me and followed me to my home. im sure they figured it out, early on. that i would never run. nothing can sure but theres no fun, cuz.
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