Young Blood (Chiddy Bang remix) Lyrics

We're only young and naive still
We require certain skills
The mood it changes like the winds
hard to control when it begins
The bittersweet between my teeth
trying to find the in-betweens
fall back in love eventually
yeah yeah yeah yeah

Can't help myself but count the flaws
claw my way out through these walls
one temporary escape
feel it start to permeate

yeah, i got this right here, i promise

hey, i'm on top now
i fly a lot now
though my parents used to have me up on lockdown

first we paddled of the news
we need yachts now
and we never gon stop now
tell them haters not now

This is my moment and ur not gon ruin it
if u ever hated ur one of my influences
like tell me how ur runnin it tho
a year ago i was gettin 500 a show

Things change, tell the people never say the flow is equal
try to do good but only get stuck with evil
big dog, they thought i was some kind of poodle
thats when i said i heat em up like ramen noodles

ya in 3 minutes we winnin
and we never scared of changes
so never are we timid
told my mama i'm quitin
and she was so livid
she said baby u gotta keep killin
and this is how im feelin

make it to the top, u doubt

LL cuz my momma said knock u out
Im the top, u out
and the henney is cold
man, shoulda never gave this to a twenty year old

its like the flow is universal like healthcare
u at the barbershop, im killin s*** elsewhere
i ain't had a hand out, no welfare
all i had was cable and fresh prince of bel-aire

we set up and go and greats way mirror
they hatin, ray band, lights wave farewell

people kno u as chiddy
real name chidera
girls tryna cover s*** up, mascara
ya and i've been focused since '08
money make the world go round
let it rotate

im never focused on what one does
and lets toast for the young bloods

[Naked and Famous]
we lie beneath the stars at night
our hands gripping eachother tight
you keep my secrets hope to die
promises, swear them to the sky

the bittersweet between my teeth
trying to find the in-betweens
fall back in love eventually
yeah yeah yeah yeah
(yeah, i love it)

(can you whisper)
the bittersweet between my teeth
(can you whisper)
trying to find the in-betweens
(can you whisper)
fall back in love eventually
(can you whisper)
yeah yeah yeah yeah
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