Ship Lyrics

when you left me
send me away that magical ship I dreamt for
drowned by the ocean met with the motion and roar
brought back to life by glistening mermen I was odored
hailed in the depths I still could hear your voice
but I am yours

find me oh
take me again I'm desperately needed to be yours
give me the right and I'll be the reason to the cause
there'll be no end to all of the sorrows I will adorn
save me again
I'll be the one you're still longing for

you can be real now you're kissing me without an applause
where do the end of all the sand when we hit the shores
give me your breath and fill up my lungs
and even more
save me again and you're still here now
I hear you, smell you, see you
smell you, hear you smell you now
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