Swerve Lyrics

Aye Pops
They love that soulful s***
I mean we do this s*** cause we love it
I mean we did this s*** cause we couldn't find Just Blaze
We good
It's The Firm, n****
[Verse 1:]
I'm back, open the door n****
All this bout the verse, what is it for n****?
I ain't Jay-Z n****, I'm still poor n****
AR, Stat, walk with me to the store n****
My baby mama hurt my feelings, got me sore n****
But that's cool cause I'm back to my core n****
Sup? 40 Glock you want some more n****?
Game don't fall off, Game get bored n****
Compton, got it coming out my pores n****
I'm like Cassidy with 25 million
Stack it up, that's like a project building
Get back with 50 but I can't cause I killed him
Wait, have you seen him?
Nada, papa, n**** live on that milk carton
And my n**** Boosie still ain't got a pardon

Said my n**** Boosie still ain't got a pardon, swerve
My lil n**** Boosie still ain't got a pardon, swerve
Say my n**** Lil Boosie still ain't got a pardon, now swerve
[Verse 2:]
So take a shot at any of my little n*****, it's war n****
f*** a gun, we bring hammers, like we Thor n****
My n**** Pops got beats you can't ignore n****
Said my n**** Pops got beats you can't afford n****
Wake up double the kush, we by the shore n****
It's 3:40 now, back in Compton by 4 n****
105, doing 105, shell slides like doves in it
I'm so good with the razor
Take the hard brick of soap and carve dove in it
I got your b**** no glove in it
I went raw, bust a nut in there
Disrespect intended however you spend it, disect your rent
Cause none of ya'll from out here
You think you run out here, have your a** on a run out here
You a b** out here, and no don't call Big U
Cause we in the Phantom and we bout to bust a big U, swerve

Said my n**** Boosie still ain't got a pardon now, swerve
My lil n**** Boosie still ain't got a pardon nope, swerve
And all these lil n***** rockin' Boosie flat top f*** that, swerve
Til my lil n**** get his a** a pardon we gon' swerve

Hey Pops, you a m*********** for this s***
I tell you what I'm a do
I'm a talk to you m*********** for about
4 and a half more bars
And I'm a let that b**** breathe
So when my n**** Boosie get out the m************ joint
He can catch some s*** on one these m************
Soulful s****
13. Compton (OKE)
14. Swerve
15. Super Throwed
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