Straight Outta Compton Lyrics

He Flows like Ice Cube On This song

You Are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge! FREE K-Dogg
[The Game]
Yo DJ Ray, Jrop that m****f***in' Gangsta s*** n****! [I'm comin' str8 outta compton]

[Ice Cube]
When somethin' happens in South Central Los Angeles, nothin' happens, it's just another n**** dead! [*GUN*SHOT*]

Yea m****f**** it's DJ Ray, and the m****f***in' king of Los Angeles . . . Game, You know what it is!

[The Game]
Straight Outta Compton, a Crazy m****f**** named Chuck Taylor
Ridin' with a 12 Gadge, n**** f*** haters
I gotta dept to pay, this for Eazy
I'll blast any punk m****f****, don't believe me
I spit 16's
f*** rap, I gotta mack that'll turn ya white tee into a ???
I got Attitude, so f*** it
I'm in the feilds with the birds like TJ Ducket
LA to NY, the public love'em
He the next Ice Cube, so what he dunkin'
He signed to Aftermath, so what he bloodin'
You heard that Whoo Kid, I'm in New York Buzzin'
Get a double X L and read about me
Page 86, the west can't breath without me
Kevin ??? how the f*** can you even doubt me?
I smile because now I got the A-Team around me
In Compton, that's where Dr. Dre found me
Gang Bangin', Chain hangin', kane slangin'
but we turn it to rock
Dope Spot so hot the s*** burn in a pot
The O.G'z kept the fiennes in line
Straight when I was a Juvenile gettin' cash money in 98
That's Gangsta, and I'm 21 now
I didn't pick up the mic and put the guns down
It's survival to the finnish
So let's see if he can survive with 10 bullets flyin' through his fiitted
These n***** is b******
and I gotta let the world know that I'm a m****f***in' str8 up Menace
I gotta Semi so don't f*** wit me
Or the Compton PD are gunna have to come get me
Off yo a**, and I don't really give a f***!
I let the eagle blow [*click*click*] n**** What! [*Gun*Shot*]
I got work, so listen to my words mayne
We f*** wit the rock but don't call us the bird gang
n**** we Criminals
You got beef, say my name on Wax, n**** f*** the subliminals
And it don't matter if you blood or you crip
Them bulletproof vests don't stop them blue tips
You see me in the streets, you gotta glock then use it
We Mobb Deep but this ain't murder music
Keep poppin' that s*** then the tools will spray
cause I'm a Natural Born Killa like Cube and Dre
And I'm Down with the capital C.P.T
And you n***** can't f*** wit me! Straight Outta Compton!!!
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