Confessions Lyrics

Look at me now

How the f*** would you feel?
If you had to share every meal
Everynight, with your foster brothers and sisters
I think about my mom and I missed her
Nights after watching the A-Team, when I kissed her
I use to want to be Mr. T or Murdock
Which one was it? uhh... then I heard shots
It must be coming from 133rd block
Where them westside piru n*****, burst pop
And the crips ain't far away
You got nutty block, great street, and the P.J's
Where n***** 15 years old with beards like freeway
And you can die over he say and she say
Like "your cousin told my brothers baby momma"
That game done started that drama
In the projects
Yea the same ones that they said Carmelo got robbed at
But I talked to him, he said it didn't happen
n**** you play ball, I'll be the rapper
This is my confession
You can take time to listen
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Or turn your back on me
But this is my confession
The life of a troubled child
Who grew up to be a gangsta
Look at me now

[Lil Eazy-E]
Everybody wanna know about Eazy son
Til I raise my white tee and they seen the gun
Yea, the second coming of a n**** with an attitude, out of compton
100 miles, miles and running
Kelly Park to the Rucker, they dont like me to f*** em
This s*** in my blood, so I'ma die a hustla
Its nothing
When we ride threw your hood busting
That '64 impala the same color as mustard
Eric Wright Jr. n**** the shoe fit
Never thought id be in New York f****** with Whoo Kidd
You n***** is stupid, homie im the blueprint
Blue chucks on green, make walking a blue pit
745 same blue tint
The diary of a mad man, heres my 2 cents
I stare at my pops eye when he was in his last days
How he goin from bronchitis, and die from AIDs?
f*** that!
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