24's (Freestyle) Lyrics

yeah m***********s
DJ whoo KId
CHuck Taylor man
nobody f***** wit me man,
its NWA n****
I'm from Compton, we ride gold d'sz on impalas
interior gutted out like the tip on a hollow
Front and back switches, 40 ounce bottles,
Project b******, Low Pro models
Pumps in the trunk, chrome hydolics
Pumps in the trunk in case n***** start wildin,
Black hoodie on, n**** never smilin
Chip on my shoulder, i grew up violent.
Whoo kid give me a beat, ill ryhme over violence
Spitin in Cali, n***** could hear me in Rikers Island
Doing 20 down Crenshaw, da hoes is out
Bloods and Crips is here, Po-Pos is out
If some s*** jump off, da Fo-Fos is out
If you dont g******* then close your mouth
Cuz the esa's is in Lemarke, livin la vida loca
black and White flannels, ????? joker
Cartoon tated up, OG'sz wearing joker
Everybody hustle sticky green or da coca
Da hood miss Eazy and they ridin wit Dre
I carry the torch, One man NWA
m****f***er i swear to God if Big and Pac was here
I'd be g*******in and my album wouldnt drop next year
Cuz im gangsta, i give n***** wings, dats why they call it the City of Angels;
I'll take you on a drive-by, somewhere on the southside
Grandmother on the porch, little kids outside
Straight bullets flyin, missing the target,
I'll show you a heat wave in the middle of august
n**** im a made man, shouldda grew up in Boston
So yell out BLATTTT!!!! from New York to Slauson
Dip through your set like Jim Jones and Santana
NWA chain hangin under the bandana n****
And wen i raise the hammer, im like david banner
i make the girls get down on tha floo'
Excuse me miss, take off the strawberry wrist
Cuz i like the way the diamods glow
I can show you how to rob like 50
or how to g******* black ski mask, a 45 and d***ies
Whoo Kid im gon divide the city,
Its the 18 reloaded and the Westside is wit me
Its that exclusive m****f***in DJ Whoo Kid s*** n****
Aftermath, You know what it is
Cut a check or suck a d*** b****
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