Walk of Fame Lyrics

He bottles up problems
Because nothing's gonna solve them now
(Just kill the sound..)
Then she and all her girlfriends
They go out dressed in purple satin
Choking back the fashions
Hoping s*** will happen

Here right now
(make up your mind, stop wasting time)
Will tell... dare you do I?
f*** that!!!

First he tells you one thing,
Even when his eyes say
"I'm sorry.. (I'm slipping once again)"
I hate to say I told you
I hate to say I told you anything at all...
You never listen anyways
You don't know what I am capable of
Keep this knife by my side, until I die
You don't know what I am capable of

This is how Hollywood kills revolutions
And this is where the s*** has to stop
Breeding a counter-culture of traitors and w****s
Nurturing their greed because money means more
This city is a disease spreading and sucking life
From almost every pure thing
Cocaine and drinks is how they are raised
And f****** their way to the party from which they came
Just like Mommy and Daddy did.
Aren't they the reason you're a mistake, kid?

I'm alright on my own
With you on the other side of the world
So I guess that you see
As plain as I can be
The initials 'LA' aren't in my vocabulary
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