You Tear Me Up Lyrics

Well I know it's the night
but have you gotta beat the
daylights out of me
I'm getting so g********* bruised
I'll soon be softer than a stoned cherry
And when you let your flesh creep over me
you know I don't know what's come over me
something about the way you drool and kiss
makes love seem nothing like this

You tear me up
you grab what's mine
you tear me up
every single time
you tear me up
what a hideous crime
you tear me up
you're a b***** swine
All this slurping and sucking
you know it's putting me off my food
you're noisier than a motorway
and about two times - three times as rude
You know you got such big eyes
they make me feel so small
my heart is only one mouthful
but you - you can have it all

You're just as hard as a pavement
and I don't know where my passion went
you think that maybe I could walk on you
you'd make a d***ed good anaesthetic
- I'll say that for you
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