Lose Your Life Lyrics

[Intro: Snoop Dogg]
Whattup cuz?
Snoopie D-O-doub'!
WestCoast king!
What's up Alchemist? (Sup)
I wanna holla real quick man cause see...
Alota these n***** got the game f***** up, man!
They don't know man!
It's real sad, cause heavy out in those streets man you could loose your like... THAT!

[Hook: Snoop Dogg {Jadakiss}]
You wanna lose your life? {uh-huh!}
Play me got a pocket and mah c*** it and ya might! (might!)
Yeah! - You wanna lose your life? (yeah!)
n***** gettin' dropped and popped - on the block every night! (every night!){hahaaaaa!}
Yeah! - You wanna lose your life? {uh!}
Money is the key in the street life! (street life!)
Yeah! {yup!} - You wanna lose your life? {nope!}
Walkin' round gang bangin' {uh!} betta keep that thang hangin'! {uh!}

[Verse 1: Jadakiss]
Yo! - 20 lil' missiles in the clip of the.5-7 (uh!)
I'm like navigation if you tryna find heaven! (haha!)
You already know I'm a rare breed, (yeah!)
Sittin' on a nice amount of acres and square feet. - Yeah, see!
Even the best die respect my Columbian neck tie (whoo!)
You just can't pass death by! (uh-uh!)
You can be homie. - Cause. - Neutral. (yeah!)
God Body. - Neita. - King. - Zulu. (uh-huh!)
One thing about death it ain't gonna fool you! (uh-uh!)
No reason to lie for nothing to prove too! (no!)
Why you still here though the devil'll use you (yo!)
Closed casket is how I know the bullets abused you! (whooo!)
Even though I'm a boss, I like to eat food, too. (uh-huh!)
Spray a n**** block up when I'm in the mood, too! (run that!)
Blow a blunt, get a drink whatever soothes you! (whatever!)
Cause if it ain't, the street the system'll lose you. (system'll lose you!) - Yeah!

[Verse 2: Pusha T]
Homie! Listen to the flow let it take you where ya goin'
Billie jean step over the track till it's glowin'
You thinkin' I'm the O-N-...
... -E - metaphors are no win!
Avalanche P pushed powder till you snowed in
No in! Open sesame, unveil the recipe!
Cocaine cook-up, Heroin and Ecstasy
Got me locked in the Coupe like the Lambo's arrestin' me!
Gun play necessity, Warfare, None spared!
Duffel bag money ain't all there, we sick 'em!
All mornin' victim. - He, who test P just
Beggin' for the death walk with devilish me
Sit back, kick back; knowin' that there's none hotter!
Graduated from a drug dealer's alma mater!
Magna c**-lauder, the kitchen I'm so Jata
You n***** got no worries; "Hakuna Matata"! (Matata!)

[Outro: The Alchemist (Snoop Dogg) {Sample from EPMD's: 'Can't Hear Nothing But The Music'.}]
Who get caught slippin'? {Can't hear nothing but the music I'm slippin'.} [beat fades out]
A-L-C, Alchemist! (n***** gettin' dropped and popped - on the block every night!)
"Chemical Warfare"!
{Can't hear nothing but the music I'm slippin'.}
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Chemical Warfare (2009)
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