Somebody Warm Like Me Lyrics

Girl, I really wanna tell you
Those dark shinning eyes
Will bring you down
They will never bring you
true love
I think yuu know what I mean
So I've given it some thought
And come up with a real
good scheme
And what you need..

And what you need..
Is somebody warm like me
Who will bring you rainbow?
When everybody else knows
Now and then there's some
Oh honey you know
What you need
Is somebody warm like me
There ain't no doubt about it
If you really think about it
You know I am right
You know I'm what you need
Hey, he's really gonna hurt you
I've seen him before
And I know his style
He will only bring you sadness
I hope you'll gonna understand
As I lay awake all night
And come up with a perfect plan
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)
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