City Boy Lyrics

You come from the city and you know the score
The locals hate you cause you know a lot more
You dress with the present and they're six months behind
The locals hate you cause ain't their kind
They don't like your hair and they don't like your clothes
They see your new face and you don't care
Your a city boy, Your a city boy

So you sign on the social to get your money
The pittance they give you ain't even funny
You go for a job and there's nothing to be bad
But some local get it's cause he's someone's lad
Where can you go, where can you hide?
You get to do something, you get to decide
The locals want a punch up you can't back down
The Old Bill sick you cause it's there town

You think you'll go back? Where do you start?
You know these you happy, you know in your head
You cash not in a chair or in a car
You go where your respected for what your are
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