Heart Out Lyrics

And when I"m rushing in a small town

I forgot to call you
Running low on love how

It speaks to me for two

Sound I remember how I like you

Now a matter what I found

She said it"s nice to have your friends" house

But watching the television on no sound

[CHORUS]: (x2)

It"s just you and I tonight

Why don"t you figure my heart out

I"ll push you like a chess out
Look at my hair going out the way

I love you so

Your extension want some p***e

f****** up whole towns

And reflection on your mental health

I remembered when I found you

But it"s stronger than you want now
Once it started at the friend zone

You created the television, the old how

[CHORUS] (x2)

But it"s something to say

Why don"t speak it out loud

Instead of living in your head

Only say

Why don"t you take it all out

Instead of living in your head
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