Of Matter - Proxy Lyrics

I'm a surrogate.
I'm archetypal and itinerant.
I'm your excuse to long for a superior.
I will undertake.
I will overcome.
Imperfection you will find.
(Look close enough, tear off the mask I need)
This endeavor is not mine.
(You subject me to the daggers you conceive)

I'm stronger than I was before, thus you reinforce these walls.
I can't fight you anymore.
Threatened by the open door, all the chances I ignore.
I can't stand still anymore.
The day is done.
Nothing left to say.
Resting head in hands.
Wishing I had known my place.
To take a stand, the errand of a fool.
I'm not to reprimand.
I'm here to help you through.
Is nothing like it seems?
Living in this sequence. A dream.
Is nothing like it seems.
Gather broken shards of self-esteem.
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