Dumped Me Lyrics

When the first time I saw your face my heart felt a little bit
Surprise the way you're smiling it made my heart beating so so fast
I thought we could make it together relationship oh baby
Whatever but then you went away
I don't know what to do what can I say
Rff :
Cos u already dumped dumped dumped dumped dumped me
One year has already passed away we met again at the same cafe
I wanna say hi but I was scared to say goodbye
I can't believe it was so ironic he hugged me
And he said he still love me
I said I love you too
But I don't wanna be with you
Bridge :
I can see in your eyes you really wanna make a change babe
The way you looked at me really full of love and hope yeah
But don't forget that last year you went away with no reason
So it will be better just be my friends forever or I won't talk no more
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Terry (2006)