Ricochet Lyrics

They warned me when you kissed me
your love would ricochet
Your lips would find another
and your heart would go astray
I thought that I could hold you
with all my many charms
But then one day you ricocheted
to someone else's arms


And baby
I don't want a ricochet romance,
I don't want a ricochet love
If you're careless with your kisses,
find another turtle dove
I can't live on ricochet romance,
no, no not me
If you're gonna ricochet, baby,
I'm gonna set you free
I knew the day I met you,
you had a rovin' eye
I thought that I could hold you,
what a fool I was to try

You promised you'd be faithful
and you would never stray
Then like a rifle bullet,
you began to ricochet

When you announced our wedding,
you made me mighty proud
I whispered "Two was company"
but you preferred a crowd

You buzzed around the other girls
just like a busy bee
And when you finished buzzin', cousin,
you buzzed right back to me


If you're gonna ricochet, baby,
I'm gonna set you free
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