You're Driving Me Crazy Lyrics

You're driving me crazy, you're driving me mad;
You're makining me lazy, you're making me bad.
You know you're no good to me,
But you're the best woman I've had.
You lose all my friends,
You scare them away;
It looks like the end, babe,
Of living my way.
You know you do me no good,
But then I hope that you're going to stay.
You ruin' my health, you use me too much.
You've blown all my wealth, you cripple my crutch.
I know I'm playing with fire,
But then I like what I feel when I touch.

My mama, she warned me - about your kind;
My friends all scorned me, they say I'm blind.
But then I know what I like, and,
Babe I like it with you all of the time.
They call you a witch, they say I'm a fool;
They call you a b****, say you're really uncool.
But, babe, when I get on you,
It's just like getting a kick from a mule.
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