Move This Lyrics

Yo Come On Move This

Shake That Body
Shake That Body
People don't you know, don't you know
its about time
can't you hear the jam is pumpin
while you taste the piece of mine
many different flavours
and the bass is strong
get into the hot stuff
let me pour a little on

Baby let me show you how to do dis
you ve gotta move this
you're doing fine
there's nothing to it
you gotta move this
come on and move this
shake that body for
People don't you know....

Can you feel the mellow crawling fast
drum oh baby
rhythms blast
pump it pump it pump it up
bet you can't make this once stop

you've gotta move this
you've gotta move this
shake that body ah
shake that body cool

People dont...

Pump It taken
Fingers snappin
hands club and Mamas Rappin
Talkin about cold loughin
shut up and you the one
use what you got show me
your on the floor so let me see
don't say nothing less i saw
and remember i like it raw

Baby let me show...
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