Let's Play Lyrics

I'm an angel and a sinner with my wings on fire
I'm a work this time a girl I don't know what I want
I like a good time walk a fine line
I'd like to sip red wine coz i'm livin like a rockstar
Want the real men to satisfy the need
takin me to s***e to win this beauty queen
I'll push you to do test so you'd better do your best
If you wanna win with me better keep up with me
You're a good kinda bad boy maybe we can play tonight
(oh oh oh let's play tonight)
If you wanna get a piece of this boy you better step in line
(oh oh oh step in line)
See that cash with the champagne slash let's make this all night last
(whoa oh)
You're a good kinda bad boy you gotta wrap my night (rule the night)
I feel like you can hold me surrender to your touch
The way you move my body I can't get enough
I can feeling of... feeling of. . whole of my body
The way you teasing me making whoa
I can feeling I can feeling you making me nervous
I can't resist cos you making me so
Crazy with your lips and make me wannna do
make me wanna do freaky things to you
Cos you know a thing that you'd like me to do
It's the way that I move I do it all for you
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