The Days of a Father Lyrics

When the morning comes
To spot my eyes
From the darkest nights
Lots of journey I spent those nights
Only crying without voice
To the outside sound that flowing
Like a blood from another flesh
Misery won't leave me a history
And hard to hide alone

Blow me up just like a fire till
I meet you my lovely son
Send my messages to the light
I wanna have another world
Keep on crying in the darkness
Can you hear me loud and clear?
Your word will still in my head
I fall and can't deny it, can't deny it
Wake me up from these dreams
Please help me out
Wish I could kill my own history
Start a light gonna get me out now
Count on my days
Time is up tell me to wait
Face to face to this realty
Not enough to redeem
All my wounded pain
From this regret
I find a spot of turning back
From this rusty cave I break myself
To see my burning pain
My insecurity is dead
And always burns along my eyes
I am the screaming creature
Don't know how to sing a song
They're all buried in the moon light
And hard to take it back
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