Promises Lyrics

It's o.k., to go and make mistakes
It's o.k., to break your promises
You're moving on anyway
I hate the way
It makes me feel inside
You promised me
You'd be all that I need
I wonder why you lied
Promises you made, coming back to haunt you
Don't whisper in my ear you gotta learn to say goodbye
I was in the wrong, but it doesn't really matter
Don't whisper in my ear
You gotta learn to say goodbye
You gave me time
To think about you and me
I hate the way you make me feel inside
I wonder why you lie


(Duh-dah) I was breathing coz that's that the gauge was indicating
While was blaming I was soon to be so implicated
Now I'm through with all the lies and pictures are back-dated
Almost lost my friendly feet coz boy I'm operating (uh-uh)
[Chorus: Repeat 4X]
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