When the Rain Falls Lyrics

Come out tonight in the puddles
Splash some love across the sky
Just you and I bursting bubbles
As the sky is about to cry
When the rain falls
There's magic in our lives
When the rain falls
We're happy deep inside
When the rain falls
It cleans away the corners of our minds

When all the world looks like Atlantis
And the cars rusting in the drives
Just step outside & hit the concrete pavement
As the rain falls down for you and I
When the rain falls
The pretty people run
When the rain falls
The colours cloud the sun
When the rain falls
We'll sit and watch the children hurry home
One, two!

And when everything is blue or green or green or blue or grey
I cross the street
to catch the beat of my heart
And I watch it all
'cause there's nothing else to do today
And I watch it all fall so hard
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